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Underground Horticulture And Rock Dust

A letter to the president of perhaps the only online pulverized rock fertilizer dealer, surely there are others. Hello George,Lately we have been speaking about how amazing underground horticulture is./blog/2011/11/13/ugh-underground-horticulture/There are no peer reviews in science periodicals of why underground horticulture speeds up the growth pattern and allows plants to bear larger fruits and vegetables./blog/2011/11/12/organic-gardening-and-more/Along […]

‘Best UFO Movie Ever Made’

The interesting thing about this film is, yes, as the headline postulates, it’s gotta be one of the best ufo docs. The other interesting thing for followers of Unity is the feather-like brushings beyond rockets. They speak of things that they think will never happen but still, what if. To give some praise to those […]

Look Familiar? — Free Energy

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Dumb US

You may have wondered how and why Americans seem dumbed down to various counterparts. It’s not alcohol. America’s beer is known to be wispy, 2-4%. It’s the pharmaceuticals and the prescribing of them from young to elderly. Let’s hope the pharmaceutical giants recognize their error in curbing the natural ambition of people. Curbing them from […]


So much has been said about 9/11, much on our forum.  This is an email I sent to Debunker who wrote this for a newspaper in 2003. Hello Mr Debunker, may I call you Gerard? I have just read your 9/11 article for The Idaho Observer.I would like to post your article on our Gravity […]

Random Thoughts

In an email I asked my friend, why do you think they have now claimed to kill Osama?  Not waiting for an answer I said, so they can attack Iran.  Aside from the political value to make this story stick, it’s clear that America needs yet another war to stave capitulation.  Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden […]

Inside Job (part 2) — Free Energy

When you know more than you ever wanted to know and more than you ever thought it possible to know you discover you don’t know much at all.  Nonetheless I feel obliged to warn you that the worst is yet to come. Here at Gravity Control we have attempted to engage many in our quest […]

Inside Job

It could have something to do with money…? Money = power…the more money and or power you have the more influence you can apply to further your own agenda. At the same time money can be employed to reward those, whether they be individuals or organizations willing to afford cooperation. Therefore the academic world is […]