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Inside Job (part 2) — Free Energy

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When you know more than you ever wanted to know and more than you ever thought it possible to know you discover you don’t know much at all.  Nonetheless I feel obliged to warn you that the worst is yet to come.

Here at Gravity Control we have attempted to engage many in our quest to make new science and technology available to the world in the hope of not only providing for a new view of gravity and energy, but to offer an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power plants.  Unfortunately there is much opposition to such an idea.

The power brokers of the world are not interested in serving the interests of the masses but in serving their own self interests.  The cost to the masses cannot be under estimated or under stated as the consequences of deliberate manipulation are far beyond the ability of a sane mind to fully comprehend.

And what is it that is deliberately manipulated?

That covers just about everything from A to Z, as even the concept of freedom and liberty are deliberately manipulated.

Deception is the standard ploy by which accountability and transparency can be systematically avoided.  And if anyone should question the validity of such profound deception they are rebuked and reminded that; we will not tolerate wild conspiracy theories.  Such a statement avoids having to engage in any real discussion intent on distinguishing fact from fiction.

How many inside jobs does it take to make it clear to everyone that deception is the primary force manipulating the hearts and souls of the masses…to justify their fear…that they too should not tolerate wild conspiracy theories?

The inside job is not hidden, it remains in plain view for all to see and hear, yet presented in such an extreme format to allow questions of doubt to obscure what should be obvious to any rational thinking mind.

It is the extreme nature of the action which is calculated to have its intended effect…as for most it is beyond belief if for no other reason than it defies what is commonly accepted to be logical and sane.

And if an inside job is presented in full view for all to see and hear, dare we ask what more remains hidden from our view?

Who will answer for you and who will answer for me…we…each and everyone of us must answer for our selves…you are the only one who can answer for you and I am the only one who can answer for me.