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Bolted Science

The idea that light has no speed is either a well kept secret or a legitimate argument against rigid science. In this neat little Hubble video note that the rhetoric allows for assumption of certain things you learned in school, speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, billions of light years, building on the assumption […]

The Tesla Roadster

Does anyone know Elon Musk’s phone number? Here at gravity we have two things available to this amazing entrepreneur. First, the Watson Magnetic Motor that limits the Tesla range to the life of the battery or mechanical failure which should work out to about two or more years before some kind of breakdown. Thus, […]

George Carlin Reality Check

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Hollow Earth

They didn’t believe Admiral Byrd when he said there was a hole that seemed to lead to an inner earth. Yet isn’t there a no fly zone over the north pole where this innie is supposed to be? Imagine, the bloodletting of the oil, if our earth is a being unto itself. Sorry Mom. [embedded […]

Press Release Warning

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. If it does, brace yourself for what is predicted to be a 9.0 quake, especially if you live in known seismic areas. This video is the press release and an imminent prediction.


NASA Confirms Cold Fusion – video


Royal Raymond Rife was a most amazing human being. If you enjoyed the tragic ending of Tesla you’ll love the Rife story. [embedded content]