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I Was Tom Corbett

Tom Corbett, space cadet, my time was actually before tv, remember radio?

The Future Looks Bright Green

Although he is one of our honored scientists on Gravity Control, Veljko Milkovic is not that well known beyond his Tesla borders. Veljko has just sent us this: Planet in Danger

The Sun, Earth, Moon (solar activity)

The sun exists relative to the earth and of course the earth exists relative to the sun, but the relative relationship existing between the sun and the earth and the earth and the sun are two different things, a critical point which our modern science tends to ignore. Then we have the moon which adds […]

Zeit Geist, the Update

For those who missed it.

The Casing Theory

Here is the text for The Casing Theory.  To see images please visit /forum/index.php?topic=328.0 by the Gwandau Team   An unprecedented approach to the physics behind the extraterrestrial drive, based on David Barclay’s Unity theory. Foreword How many of us haven’t wondered about the workings of the extraterrestrial crafts frequently visiting our planet? What strange […]

Magneto-electricity (free energy) There you have it folks, another win win for Project Unity.

The FFM Focus Finder

A mechanical solution to the Field Frequency Modulator, and a presentation of initial drawings by the Gwandau team.   Based on David Barclays unparalleled and truly relativistic NTFFA-theory presented in his paradigm shifting book Unity, we at the Gwandau Team have taken our first steps in the realization of a Field Frequency Modulator.   A Field Frequency Modulator, […]

A new test for general relativity

This is a reprint from a post I did in March 2006 at /blog/2006/03/25/gravitomagentic-induction-of-gravitational- This post is in response to a story originating from the European Space Agency. This story is entitled; Towards a new test for general relativity, dated March 23, 2006 and has now been archived at the above site under Education. It […]