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Inside Job

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It could have something to do with money…?

Money = power…the more money and or power you have the more influence you can apply to further your own agenda.

At the same time money can be employed to reward those, whether they be individuals or organizations willing to afford cooperation.

Therefore the academic world is not forgotten or overlooked, as they too can benefit through cooperation and concessions.

What agenda?

There are very few who cannot be bought…therefore the scope of one’s agenda can involve multiple facets and a variety of subject matter.

So what exactly are we talking about here?

Corruption…financial corruption, scientific corruption, political corruption, military corruption, law enforcement agency corruption, medical corruption, academic corruption, industrial corruption, regulatory corruption, religious corruption, social corruption and so on and so on etc.

We here at Gravity Control believe the world deserves better, something more than corruption, something better than hypocrisy…something more than lies and more lies.

Clean renewable energy is available…the international playing field can be made level affording all people equal opportunities to be productive and self sufficient, whereby achieving a dignified and equitable standard of living.

What stands in the way is corruption…the selfish narrow minded ideals of men and women willing to sacrifice the good of the many to afford themselves personal gain.

I’ve had enough of the corruption, enough of the denial, enough of the deception and enough of the lies.

There is no middle ground…there is a line in the sand.

Where do you stand?