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Alternative Energy Groups

Biomass, wave, wind, hydrogen, all to help carry on with combustion. Yet not one of our Green Guy groups suggests the tackling of the electromagnetic drive, antigravity. Could it be they would if given the word? Or is gravity control off limits to our green institutes? Not if we contact them and tell them that […]


A lot of people are of the opinion that water is water is water. David Suzuki was recently quoted as saying bottled water was toast. So what’s the deal with water? Water is H2O, hydrogen and oxygen, but there is something about the hydrogen and the oxygen which is not commonly acknowledged and seemingly misunderstood. […]

Microorganism That Produces Hydrogen Found

An ancient organism from the pit of a collapsed volcano may hold the key to tomorrow’s hydrogen economy. Scientists from across the world have formed a team to unlock the process refined by a billions-year old archaea. Link


Water is the fuel of the future, as far as fuels go. So what’s the problem, why are we so hung-up on oil? Most do not seem to understand why water makes such a fantastic fuel. Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and hydrogen has the highest ratio of energy per unit […]

Food or Fuel?

With 620 million cars worldwide and fossil fuels running out, are biofuels the green solution to our energy needs? An article at BBC asks this question, and I would have to say NO. The combustion engine is over 100 years old, and has yet to advance much more than bandaid solutions. Using a product with […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the long overdue Gravity Control blog. Stay tuned!

Tom Brown biography

Those interested in the works of Thomas Townsend Brown often complain about a lack of information. This link is an enjoyable read. Also, Paul Shatzkin is an author who has been writing about the life of TT Brown for amost five years now and you can check out the first 42 chapters here. […]

Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

This may not be gravity control per se but it’s good theatre. Actually, more than good theatre the above is quite up to date as of this writing and represents a cross-section of the latest events. Paul Hellyer has yet to get back to us at gravity control. He’s busy out […]