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Random Thoughts


In an email I asked my friend, why do you think they have now claimed to kill Osama?  Not waiting for an answer I said, so they can attack Iran.  Aside from the political value to make this story stick, it’s clear that America needs yet another war to stave capitulation.  Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden died ten years ago from Marfan Syndrome with complications from diabetes and renal (kidney) failure.  Since then they’ve claimed to have killed him eight times before Obama.  This can’t be good news for our great military might around the world who would rather offer their skills as doctors and scientists to help cure the world around them, with the help of a new energy source to supply the whole world.  Oil is not going down the drain without a fight.  But if their own military begins to doubt and we can foster this new energy, then the big war planners will be out of a job.

Having just watched World Invasion Battle LA, twice, just to be sure, it seems to be a cross between a propaganda film and a new video game.  The players play well, the effects seem mostly real, the editing is almost superb.  But the story sucks.  To believe that the US military beats the aliens is seeing the hi tech projectiles compared to lasers and antigravity displayed by the invaders while our hero and his compatriots run around in an old bus.  I love the idea of us winning as earthlings from an underdog position and maybe the movie was some kind of metaphor showing that battles can be won but the war is an alien given.  Native people with bows and arrows against rifles know something about this.  But hey, altho to me the movie was a great disappointment, I still had to see it.  And I’ll bet you feel the same.

Aside from the global nuclear disaster, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and bad weather and fake wars, there’s always 2012.  Interestingly, there’s a much earlier date for those who favor end of the world scenarios.  May 21st, 2011.  The prediction is for a 14.0 earthquake.  This ‘prediction’ is scriptural in its origin and appears to come from someone within  According to these folk the world won’t actually end on May 21st but by October it will be a done deal.  We should be able to see Planet X by then which some think is on a collision course with our planet.

If not, we have an assortment of asteroids and solar flares to knock out all electricity plus the big pulse from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

Have I missed anything?  GM foods, food shortage, water shortage, seed patents, and of course, the impending alien invasion.

Certainly a lot to think about these days, these last days?

I prefer to follow what my good friend, Fred, says.  Later for the bullshit.  Just give me the good stuff.

The quest for gravity control heats up.

Although I have doubts we can turn things around by May 21st, if that doesn’t happen,

We’ve still got a shot.

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