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Gameplay Tips

The City of Heroes community misses enjoying the MMO again and would have given anything for NCSoft to decide to resurrect him somehow. Thus, this whole situation has angered players who had absolutely no idea of the existence of this secret server, claimed to have the opportunity to access it to play as well.

Despite everything, Leandro has warned that neither he nor the other members of SCORE are going to change their minds as long as they are sure that NCSoft can do something to shut them down. So, as long as the situation does not change, the server will remain private and can only be accessed by invitation. Also, Leandro wants to prevent more people from receiving messages like those that come to him by threatening to kill him for all of this.

It is surprising to reach these extremes of wishing for the death of a person and also, if to a lesser extent, that NCSoft closed the game when, after so many years, there is still a massive legion of players who want to continue enjoying the MMO. The question is whether the company will take any action after all this information comes out, but it seems that maintaining to Play City of Heroes will only be an option for a lucky few.

Control: essential tips and tricks to start playing

  • Activate subtitles

Although you sometimes consider that subtitles can divert attention from our gaze, in this title, they become almost necessary. You’re going to hear a lot of voices, some sinister and deficient volume, that you could use to know them by adding the subtitles because you’re likely to miss a lot of them. Thanks to the activation of the subtitles, you will have it easier not to leave any secrets to you as you move forward on the adventure.

  • Do all the tasks of Ahti

From the beginning of the game, we will have available the board of concierge Ahti, although perhaps you can overlook it since it then loses prominence. Through the tasks, you can earn skill points to boost your character skills faster.

There will be tasks related to having to clear certain areas of enemies or to solve some puzzles. We recommend that you visit this chessboard almost daily.

  • Secondary missions will help us unlock skills

We will be receiving secondary purposes that will force us out of the main narrative to perform so many other tasks.

Some of these secondary missions will likely appear at inspiring moments of the narrative thread and overlook them. Try to do all the secondary missions, because many of them give you special skills that you can get even sooner than naturally in the game. Visit the checkpoints, so you don’t miss targets

  • Control Remedy PS4 Xbox One PC

When you have new forms available for weapons, upgrades for them, and important pending secondary missions, they will be waiting to be examined at a checkpoint. You will see a small red notification icon that will appear while you are at that checkpoint, and that will let you know that you have something important to do. Don’t overlook it.

  • Skills are critical, unlock power and health skills

We have a lot of skills to open in the game, and the ones that are worth it are level four and five, which will show up on the last stretch. That is why when you have the first chance, do not hesitate to get those increases in health or even power, which could reach up to 50 %.

Thanks to these essential tips to Start Playing Control, you will already have the necessary ingredients to start with adventure guarantees.