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Popular Superhero Video Games

Making a definitive list of the best superhero games can be an impossible task, as there are countless titles for all consoles, from NES to PlayStation 4. However, not all the video game adaptations of our favorite characters have been of quality.

That is why we chose those titles that have managed to transcend, either because of their graphics, history, gameplay or popularity. Then we share you 10 of DC Comics and Marvel’s top superhero games so far. What Agregarías one more to the list? Express your opinion in the comments.

DC Comics and Marvel’s best superhero games

  1. Batman Arkham Saga (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

The franchise of Rocksteady formed by the titles, Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight, the game for portable consoles, Arkham Blackgate, and the most recent Arkham VR, has become a favorite franchise of gamers.

In fact, it can be stated without exaggerating that this is Batman’s best video game: his original story with characters loyal to comics, his innovative mode of combat, his open-world maps with hundreds of easter eggs and Mark Hamill’s involvement as Joker are some of the reasons why The Batman saga Arkham is a benchmark for this type of video game.

  1. Deadpool (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Wade Wilson also came to the world of video games with a game acclaimed for its history, though criticized for its controls and game modes. In addition to the mercenary loudmouth, more Marvel characters appear, including Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke, Domino, Cable, and Mister Sinister, among others.

Although the game was noted for its repetitive mode of play, the story written by Daniel Way (who also wrote plots for Deadpool comics) saved the title.

  1. Injustice 1 and 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)

This is the popular fighting game with the heroes and villains of DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. He has been cheered by both his fighting controls and his story, which focuses on an alternate universe in which Superman becomes a villain, after murdering Joker, who destroyed Metropolis with an atomic bomb and tricked the man of steel into murdering his wife Lois Lane and the son he expected.

The plot of the sequel revolves around how Batman and company attempt to restore order in society after the fall of the tyrannical Superman regime, but the arrival of the supervillain group called society forces The Dark Knight to free Superman.

With solid arguments, and dark, combat controls are simple, a wide range of characters and graphics of great quality, the series games of the fight of Injustice is already one of the favorites of gamers and lovers of comics.

  1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PlayStation, Xbox)

While it is a children’s series, the quality of its fun scripts and the appearance of several superheroes and villains from the House of Ideas guarantee you a place among the best superhero games. Furthermore, not being based on the MCU, the use of the characters was freer and more faithful to the pages of the comics.

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)

From the moment Insomniac announced his arachnid hero’s open-world game, Marvel’s Spiderman, it could be predicted that it would be one of the best superhero games. And so it was: three days after its release on September 7, 2018, it sold 3.3 million copies.

The formula of its success is based on graphics, game mode, and an original story, far from the MCU, an argument that even moved to comics because of its quality. The game features a comprehensive map of New York City that can be explored in detail, with numerous Marvel easter eggs and pop culture. Unfortunately, (for the owners of other consoles), the game is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

  1. Spider-Man 2 (PlayStation, Xbox)

What’s the reason Spider-Man has so many quality video games? Perhaps because it provides the freedom to create memorable stories with its various villains or because it allows the creation of open-world games. Spider-Man 2 also has a unique feature: it is based on the 2004 film of the same name.

Some of the missions of this title, such as handing out pizzas and collecting balloons, have remained in the heart of the gamers, even appearing as references in Spider-Man’s most recent PlayStation 4 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

  1. Spider-Man (PSX, Dreamcast)

Another of the Games starring Spider-Man that could not be missing in this list. It is a game for SEGA’s Dreamcast and the first PlayStation (of which a mini version will be released in December 2018), created by Activision. The game was famous for including secret appearances by characters such as Daredevil, Punisher, Black Cat, Captain America, as well as Spider-Man’s most notable villains such as Misterio, Lizard, Dr. Octopus, Scorpio, Venom and Carnage.

  1. The Punisher (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

Frank Castle also had a game of his own that unfortunately, few remember. The game features other characters such as Nick Fury, Black Widow, IronMan, Kingpin, Bullseye, and Matt Murdock. The game has a lot of graphic violence, so it was banned in more than one country. The actor who played Punisher in the 2005 film also lends his voice to this game.

  1. Wolverinen’s Revenge (Gamecube, PlayStation, Xbox)

Launched after the premiere of the second movie of X-Men, the game focuses on a solo adventure for Logan, who has to return to the Lake Alkali to search for a cure to a lethal effect of the Adamantium. The game features characters such as Magneto, Charles Xavier, Wendigo, Sabre teeth, William Stryker and Death strike. One point to note is that Mark Hamill gave voice to Wolverine.

  1. X-Men Arcade

Finally, we present a classic arcade game with Marvel’s favorite mutants. His appeal not only came from being able to play like Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Nightcrawler, but you could do it with your friends. A remastered version was released for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in 2010 but was removed from digital stores in 2013.