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Tom Brown biography

Those interested in the works of Thomas Townsend Brown often complain about a lack of information. This link is an enjoyable read. Also, Paul Shatzkin is an author who has been writing about the life of TT Brown for amost five years now and you can check out the first 42 chapters here. […]

Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

This may not be gravity control per se but it’s good theatre. Actually, more than good theatre the above is quite up to date as of this writing and represents a cross-section of the latest events. Paul Hellyer has yet to get back to us at gravity control. He’s busy out […]


Nikola Tesla died before he could give the world his knowledge of gravity control. It was wartime 1943 and the FBI was seizing everything Tesla-related because they believed that his cousin was a spy. Although Nikola Tesla gave the world electricity and the flourescent light, among other things, he was discredited in later life by […]