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Underground Horticulture And Rock Dust

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A letter to the president of perhaps the only online pulverized rock fertilizer dealer, surely there are others.

Hello George,Lately we have been speaking about how amazing underground horticulture is./blog/2011/11/13/ugh-underground-horticulture/There are no peer reviews in science periodicals of why underground horticulture speeds up the growth pattern and allows plants to bear larger fruits and vegetables./blog/2011/11/12/organic-gardening-and-more/Along comes rock dust.  Some say that granite is the best.  And it is clear to see that pulverized rock has more minerals and other soil goodness that the chemical fertilizers don’t have.Now the clouds darken as the fda and chemical fertilizers fight back and they can be dirty.We don’t know if you advertise beyond your website but we wish to invite you to be our first advertiser on www.gravitycontrol.orgMy island.  I come to you from the island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand and the soil is quite sandy.  Perhaps that’s why things grow so well here.Between underground horticulture where rock dust is probably in the air especially at a depth of five thousand feet, and the amazing results using rock dust on the surface,why isn’t rock dust fertilizer chosen over chemical fertilizer.  Although we may have answered our own question, we would like to help in spreading the word about this natural and superior fertilizer.If you agree that you would like to advertise on our website we must meet to discuss a viable ad plan designed to transcend the web and be applicable to other media.Thank you.JimJames B. Nicholsonseehear.netgravitycontrol.orgHi Jim,you are on the right track with rock dust. Keep spreading the word.Thank you for contacting me but a this time we are ok with adds.your two links I read but they are repeats. (they’re not)Any pictures or else to prove the case below ?Plants grown at a depth of 1500 metres underground with the aid of grow lights, soil and water experience a 400% increase in their growth rate…many years of growing seedlings underground has demonstrated  that a 2 year old seedling can be produced from seed in just a few short months and experience an increased resistance to fungus and disease when transplanted to surface sites.Have a happy Island day !GeorgePres.Agrowinn-Fertilizers1422 Calle ChristopherEncinitas, CA 92024www.fertilizeronline.com760-632-9695 Fax760-632-9688 Phone1-888-794-3674
I can’t help but wonder if he’s quoting David’s statements on other sites.  Whatever, the fact is that there are no studies we can find that explain the accelerated growth underground and rock dust at the surface although I can imagine the air deep in a mine might contain more than average rock dust.For those of interest who might have a few pots of herbs and spices, a garden in the back yard or a farm full of kale or other plants and trees, we offer a free click to Agrowinn above.I believe at least part of the connection with underground growth in old mines is rock dust.Anyone with a lead to a scientific explanation of why these phenomena take place, please let us know.macseehear@mac.comAnd don’t just say rock dust.  Tell us why deep down agriculture with grow lights and regulated darkness grows everything bigger and better.Rock dust is easily understood when you consider the many main and trace minerals whereas chemical fertilizers mostly have three basic minerals.  These trace elements are what makes the plant food great.Our surface grown food has been suffering from lack of nutrition since chemical fertilizers became popular.  In human terms our crops are suffering from an overabundance of fast food.  Which means probably too much salt and msg.  Not enough elements for the proper balance of the plants.And so, since the plants suffer from lack of nutrition, so too the food we eat.In the above regard, underground horticulture and rock dust are not well known subjects.Considering their obvious importance, why not?Really.