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Water is the fuel of the future, as far as fuels go.

So what’s the problem, why are we so hung-up on oil?

Most do not seem to understand why water makes such a fantastic fuel.

Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and hydrogen has the highest ratio of energy per unit of mass of any known element.

So what we have is the most highly energized and highly stable molecular structure possible, in the form of water, whereby once converted to gas this hydrogen/oxygen mix will provide more power and more miles per gallon than any other known fuel.

Water is simply amazing, but there is more.

The ratio of energy per unit of mass associated with water can be increased even further by simply increasing the waters ratio of energy to mass. And when water is converted to hydrogen gas and oxygen gas the ratio of energy to mass is increased even further.

So here we have the perfect fuel, which is readily available, renewable and non-polluting.

This is not a joke folks, this is for real.

There is no energy crisis because the technology is already available, whereby it should be possible to convert every car and truck on the road to run on water.

One such engine was built and tested in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada only a couple of years ago……….the engine itself weighed roughly 100 lb. and provided 400 hp.

Yet, we hear next to nothing about any of this………where are the auto makers?

I must assume they live under the thumb or the heel of big oil.

The missing link is an understanding of water as an efficient fuel.

Water can provide the energy requirements of our human industry in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

There are no excuses……….we have an answer and the answer is water.

Water can power an electric car or fuel an internal combustion engine and either way it’s a winner.