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Food or Fuel?

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With 620 million cars worldwide and fossil fuels running out, are biofuels the green solution to our energy needs? An article at BBC asks this question, and I would have to say NO.

The combustion engine is over 100 years old, and has yet to advance much more than bandaid solutions. Using a product with an uncertain future is not really the way to invest in development. Hybrids only rationalize depleting sources.

And biofuels are just a new spin on an old idea. With such a large importance placed on travel, it’s easy to see why there is resistance to change.

The Fortune 50 probably have more leverage on the subject than anyone. Awful lot of players relying on the combustion engine in that list isn’t there?

And if it isn’t there core business, many of them require the current combustion engine model for distribution via their fleet of delivery trucks trucks, flights of roundtrips and overnight express.

This isn’t like upgrading from VHS to DVD, or enforcing seatbelt use. This would quite possibly be the single most expensive and challenging upgrades in history.