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Back Engineering a UFO Type Craft

It would appear that back engineering a UFO type craft is the ultimate goal of the military black ops, but there seems to be a problem in achieving such a goal.

In as much as a crashed UFO might be of some assistance the task is nonetheless a huge challenge, as not only is the technology obviously foreign but so is the science upon which such technology is based.

Without an understanding of the science upon which the technology is based we are left completely in the dark. Therefore it would seem rational to anticipate revisions to our existing science, but the element of secrecy employed puts us at a very real disadvantage in this respect. No such revisions are forth coming it would seem.

The argument put forward is that extraterrestrial craft coming from other parts of the universe are simply not possible, as the speed of light prevents such a thing.

Of course conventional science doesn’t know how to explain extraterrestrial visitors to our planet for the same reason we still view rockets as a legitimate means by which to access space. We have a very disturbing response to anything which threatens our self defined sense of superiority.

But let’s face it, our modern science and our vision of space exploration is only one step ahead of a push-cart mentality. And as long as we view bigger and more powerful rockets as the answer we are not going to get very far.

We only have to consider our existing perception of space, as we view space in terms of a linear perspective. We actually believe we can employ a measuring stick to define the distances involved without considering the universe to be non-linearly structured.

If space itself is not linearly structured our existing perception of the distances involved is completely inadequate. And if space is not linearly structured it is doubtful that time can be measured in linear terms either.

This would suggest that our speed of light limitation might not be applicable, whereby we might not even be right about light having a linear speed.

If this is true we have a lot to learn about engineering a UFO type craft.

For some reason many anticipate the government or the military to one day openly supply the required information, which some believe is presently being kept under wraps for reasons of national security.

If this were true there would have to be scientists and engineers who already know the answers and may have already built a fully functional UFO type craft capable of interstellar access.

I myself don’t believe this to be the case, because, despite the secrecy, there would have to be some tell-tale signs leaking through to the mainstream scientific community and to date no such tell-tale signs are to be found.

I would suggest that the military is somewhat baffled and lacks the necessary skills and resources to achieve such a goal despite a great deal of misinformation and or disinformation suggesting otherwise.

They may have recovered a crashed UFO, but to consider the possibility that such a craft has been successfully back engineered is quite a stretch.

For starters you don’t back engineer a UFO type craft, which might actually be the problem. Such a craft must be developed from the ground up starting with the necessary science and then on to the advanced technology and not the other way around.

I have heard it said that the energy required to develop anti-gravity drive is beyond our present level of ability, but how many realize the subtle fact that we still aren’t exactly sure what energy is? And if we don’t know exactly what energy is how can we be so sure how much energy might be required?

And when you consider we are not sure what gravity is either it should not come as a surprise to discover we might not be bang-on about a few other things as well.

So engineering a UFO type craft would seem a daunting challenge indeed, if not impossible at the present time.

Fortunately there are those among us who have a real passion to understand the how and why of a UFO type craft. And one very small group of enthusiasts involved in this quest are situated within the pages of

At gravitycontrol you will find both the book Unity and Project Unity, which could very well supply you with the answers you are looking for. And should you discover questions rather than answers, you might consider joining our forum and asking those questions. You never know, we might surprise you with some answers.