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Alternative Energy Groups

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Biomass, wave, wind, hydrogen, all to help carry on with combustion.

Yet not one of our Green Guy groups suggests the tackling of the electromagnetic drive, antigravity.

Could it be they would if given the word?

Or is gravity control off limits to our green institutes?

Not if we contact them and tell them that a Manhattan style dedication to the perfecting of gravity control is the best natural and renewable resource we have.  And it’s constant throughout the universe.  Rockets will never get us to the stars.

But Gravity Control Will.

Please get in touch with all the Green Guys you know, Treehugger, the Appollo Alliance, governments, all of them.

For without our perseverance they will continue to preserve their only knowhow, combustion.

I hope you will all write to whoever you think might help get gravity control on the ballot.

I know I am.