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The Problem With Environmentalists

You would think environmentalists would be latching onto free energy as if it were the savior of mankind.  But they’re not.  Beyond solar, wind and water currents, this crew entertains free energy as if it were a bedtime story for kids.  They simply don’t know anything beyond. I receive many emails from green enthusiasts which […]

Monatomic Elements

Jim Marrs is the speaker who is talking about monatomic gold. His bio:   Another monatomic wizard to pay attention to is Dr. John Milewski who demonstrates a process for growing gold from bottle glass.  John is a retired engineer who spent many years working at Los Alamos and now has his own lab […]

Einstein Was Wrong

When Einstein realized his initial perception of universe was wrong he referred to it as his greatest blunder…he had initially thought the universe to be static and then discovered it was dynamic and expanding at an ever increasing rate…the expansion of universe is accelerating.  However, he failed to point out that his constant c could […]

In Plain View

It occurred to me the other night that our existing perception of ocean tides, earth tides and atmospheric tides is absolutely amazing…the tides have nothing to do with gravity.   There it is for all to see and yet no one seems to have noticed. This is funny stuff…fall down laughing I should think…it’s a bit […]

Hubble Breaks Record

Oh my this is amazing…the Hubble has allowed scientists to view a Super Nova exploding 10 billion years ago!!!!! That was before any of us were born no doubt…in fact there was no planet Earth at that time according to our modern science.  So this is really something to shout about I would think…bloody hell […]

History Of UFOs

When my old Mac finally gave up the ghost after 16 years, I managed to save some stuff from the hard disc. But as I looked through the recovered material I noticed that much of my collection of ancient ufo art did not make the journey to the new computer. To the net, I shouted […]

Light Speed or A Big Boo Boo?

Light speed is considered a constant and who dares to argue the point? I dare say I’m willing to give it a go…light speed is determined to be 299,792,458 meters per second based on the observers perception of light traveling a distance of one meter in exactly 1/299,792,458ths of a second. The first problem with […]


It’s the latest buzz, anti-matter is soon to be available in a store near you. The idea of there being such a thing as anti-matter should at the very least cause some difficult questions to be asked, which in turn would require some solid answers.  But this is not the case at all as it […]