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Hubble Breaks Record

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Oh my this is amazing…the Hubble has allowed scientists to view a Super Nova exploding 10 billion years ago!!!!!

That was before any of us were born no doubt…in fact there was no planet Earth at that time according to our modern science.  So this is really something to shout about I would think…bloody hell I say, no one here at the time and yet we have photographs of the event.

Imagine someone selling you a camera and telling you this camera can take pictures of the past…pretty cool eh?  Oh one little detail the salesperson forgot to mention…you’ll need one of these telescopes…yes, your very own Hubble.

Don’t get me wrong folks because I do think the Hubble is a very fine piece of equipment but this stuff about photographs taken last week or this week of events occurring billions of years ago is a bit over the top…in fact I would call it a really big story…kind of like having an imaginary friend except this is an imaginary story?

How can any serious science writer state that it took ten billion years more or less for the light of this Super Nova to reach the Hubble?  To accept such a statement as factual places the intelligence of the writer in doubt or did they just write what they were told to write?

If this is to be taken seriously we are in deep trouble because we are not thinking but simply buying into this fantastic story about a camera that can take pictures of the past…yes and in color no less.

I have a news flash for you…the universe exists in a dynamic state…yes, dynamic.  Nonetheless linear yardsticks are mentioned in relation to calculating the point in history when this Super Nova exploded…you cannot use a linear yardstick to measure light years nor can you employ metric rulers to do the job.  If…and it’s a huge if…the speed of light has remained static and or constant for billions of years you are in the wrong universe because in order for the speed of light to remain constant requires a static universe and this universe is not static…and here it comes, it’s dynamic.

Light itself is not in motion but the apparent motion of light is simply the effect of the field condition in which it is being observed.

Consequently there are no photographs of events having occurred billions of years ago…not even via the Hubble.