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Light Speed or A Big Boo Boo?

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Light speed is considered a constant and who dares to argue the point?

I dare say I’m willing to give it a go…light speed is determined to be 299,792,458 meters per second based on the observers perception of light traveling a distance of one meter in exactly 1/299,792,458ths of a second.

The first problem with this is the terms employed as they are completely inadequate.  Sure they might be applicable to many aspects of trade and commerce but not very useful in this case.

On top of this it is assumed that light travels in a linear fashion, much like a train or a speeding bullet, but having no mass.  And of course this is quite impossible if for no other reason than the universe failing to cooperate, as the universe is not linearly structured.  Therefore space cannot be measured using a ruler and a clock.

As the universe exists in a dynamic state it would follow that light being a common occurrence throughout the universe would also exist in a dynamic state, which disqualifies the concept of a constant, in respect to the perception of light having a speed.

It is important to keep in mind that Einstein employed the concept of light speed remaining constant due to his view at the time, 1905, that the universe existed in a static state.  In later years he came to realize this was not the case, but it would seem many others missed the point.

Today light speed is employed to determine the size and age of universe, with scientists reporting having taken photographs of distant galaxies.  In this respect they ask us to accept their perception of space in that they have photographed events having occurred billions of years ago, with the photographed subject being situated billions of light years distance from Earth.

Therefore it is believed that the outer boundary of the visible universe is some 14 billion light years away with the universe expanding at a fantastic rate.

Keep in mind that to make any kind of sense of this one must accept the constancy of light speed over a period of roughly 14 billion years, which is a stretch of the imagination to say the least.

Some years ago it was determined that the universe existed in simultaneous state, with Einstein adding his two cents worth as well…he stated clearly that; “time is different for every system in motion.”  And what an amazing statement that was and still is,  but unfortunately not very well understood.

This means that both past and future conditions exist relative to our earth with both past and future conditions existing simultaneously.  This suggests time is different for every planetary body in space.

In a simultaneous universe you do not find or even need light traveling for millions or even billions of years to reach us.  What you see is what you get whether it be a past condition or a future condition existing simultaneously.

Time is a relative factor of space, which is dynamic, therefore light speed over such distances cannot be constant if in fact light does have a speed.

It’s the perception of the beast that fools us into believing we have it right, but in fact we have it wrong.  Light is simply a condition of field, just as gravity is a condition of field and neither one has a speed or a speed limit we can refer to as a constant.

Light is incapable of linear motion, as for it to do so it would have to be in motion independent of the field in which it is observed to be situated and this is not the case.

Light speed is said to be constant coming or going, which again relies on one’s imagination to remain acceptable.  Of course Mich and Morley did their famous experiment and had great difficulty in accepting its failure, but I don’t think it was a failure, not at all.

If they had found a difference in light speed they would have proven light to be capable of linear motion, but they did not prove anything of the kind.  If light has no actual speed the results of their experiment demonstrated the point very clearly because direction would not matter in the slightest.

The only thing being measured in respect to light speed is a time delay and nothing more.

The motion of the light is not a factor as the motion of light cannot be measured in terms of so many meters per second.  Consequently the size and age of universe remains an unknown.

A time delay corresponding to the assumed speed of light is as fast as any reaction can be affected in the context of our relative existence on this planet.  But it has nothing to do with the motion of light traveling from point A to point B, because light does not travel in a linear fashion as does a train or a speeding bullet.

The existing perception of universe is limited to the scope of our existing scientific dogma, which is not at all helpful in moving us forward to a fundamental comprehension of universe and our relationship to universe.

It might get you high marks on an exam, but it wont get you any closer to knowing much about our universe.

Light speed is a critical point and deserves a complete rethink and a complete overhaul.  We need to know one way or the other if light has a speed…it either does or it doesn’t.

Light is either on or off, if it’s on it’s visible and if it’s off it’s not.

It only takes light 8 minutes to travel from the sun to the Earth if light is actually in motion, if it is not in motion there is no travel time because it’s not traveling.

If in fact there is a time delay between the sun and the earth that time delay remains relative to our planet earth…put the same instruments on the moon and the time delay will be considerably shorter.  But in neither case is the lights motion required or even possible.

Think about it…peer reviewed papers cannot change the reality of universe, the universe dictates the laws and principles applicable to understanding and comprehension.