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It’s the latest buzz, anti-matter is soon to be available in a store near you.

The idea of there being such a thing as anti-matter should at the very least cause some difficult questions to be asked, which in turn would require some solid answers.  But this is not the case at all as it is assumed that anti-matter provides a balancing point for normal matter.

It is assumed that at the start of the big bang there was in fact an equal quantity of matter and anti-matter with matter winning out and anti-matter simply vanishing into whatever anti-matter vanishes into.

However, the whole idea is not exactly a good one as the very existence of anti-matter is based on a very shaky theory concerning the origin of universe, where one assumption is based on another assumption which in turn supports two more assumptions and so on and so on.

Now we have students who are attempting to capture anti-matter in a magnetic frozen trap, which sounds about as well understood as the frozen light experiment.  But a little misunderstanding shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way of progress now should it?

Before we go waving flags and shouting anti-matter from the roof tops we should first consider the possibility that we just might be looking at the basic bones of universe upside down and back to front.  And if we turn the picture up the right way and turn it around so we can see the front of the picture we might just discover a few things finally making a bit of sense.

Without considering a basic underlying energy sustaining and perpetuating all physical structure we are not apt to make much progress towards a better understanding of universe.  And as simple as such an understanding might be it is not at all easy to grasp if only due to our insistence in holding the picture upside down and back to front.

The book Unity, available as a free download from this web site attempts to explain the nature of this underlying energy sustaining and perpetuating the structural dynamics of all physical matter.  From this we can clearly understand that matter can in fact vanish and can in turn reappear.  Matter, physical matter, can in fact be transformed from one time/line state to another and back again as often as we please.

I’m sorry kids but there is no anti-matter, but there is something even better which actually exists and has a practical application…and that something is time field frequency acceleration which can be modulated in a controlled fashion allowing for instantaneous transformation.

Check it out…you might be glad you did.