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The Problem With Environmentalists

You would think environmentalists would be latching onto free energy as if it were the savior of mankind.  But they’re not.  Beyond solar, wind and water currents, this crew entertains free energy as if it were a bedtime story for kids.  They simply don’t know anything beyond.

I receive many emails from green enthusiasts which are actually scams asking for donations.  Let’s get it straight.  For most of them, their hearts are in the right place.  They believe that to reduce the carbon footprint of every man woman and child they will clear the air and prevent global warming.

What they don’t know or refuse to believe is that mankind as a whole with all his stinking pollution is not the problem with global warming.

It’s the sun.  It’s heating up and warming all the planets.

Even if the greenies succeed in conquering pollution, altho it will clear the air, it won’t stop global warming.

Only those with an idea on orbit shifting or cooling the sun will be in a position to reduce global warming.

Unfortunately the current crop of environmental organizations either totally shun or simply have no idea about alternative energy sources beyond wind/solar/wave forces, all of which are convertible to electricity.  Perhaps many DO understand it’s the sun and feel helpless to do otherwise.  For many it’s a simple lack of belief that there is an aether which does offer free energy of a non polluting type.

After a hundred years we are still living in the combustion era.  If we could persuade our good intentioned green guys that there really is an answer.  That free energy is a reality now and of the most upmost importance, if we could intrique our green energy warriors, with their help, we could really get a handle on free energy.

It’s sad to think that the environmentalists have no vision beyond the obvious.  What’s needed is bright sparks within the green guys to talk up better solutions than they’re dealing with now.

The situation reminds me of the days of Chairman Mao in China when he dictated that the country should come together and make pig iron for the world.  The pig iron was too many notches below world standard to be entertained and that was the end of their ‘cultural’ revolution.  They’ve come a long way since then and Beijing now enjoys the status of being the most polluted city in the world.

Come on Green Guys.  There’s more available to the sight gifted among us than just what’s blowing in the wind.