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Ultimate False Flag

For those who believe that 9/11 was a false flag incident, you’ll love this. There’s talk of a government plan to falsely change religions of the world and at the same time, stage a fake ufo invasion.  This would be done with holographic imagery in the sky and voices in every language seeming to come […]

The UFO (flying saucer) Connection

Whether it’s casing material from Roswell or the book Unity by W. David Barclay they each have a distinct extraterrestrial flavor.  The casing material came from an extraterrestrial saucer type craft and the book Unity originated from encounters with extraterrestrials, more commonly referred to as ET. An amazing consideration when the book Unity is viewed […]

Coast to Coast with Dr. David Anderson

A four hour show on time control technology, which was and is extremely interesting, but not quite what I expected.  So on one hand I was a bit disappointed, yet on the other hand I was excited to hear Dr. Anderson talking about the control of time. Yes, he can manipulate time in what he […]

Is Still Alive?

My email to Tim Ventura went unanswered. No new posts. Tim, where are you? Maybe he built something and just flew away but Tim Ventura is thee guy responsible for lifters based on the experiments of TT Brown. Anyone know what happened? Please use the contact at