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Einstein Was Wrong

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When Einstein realized his initial perception of universe was wrong he referred to it as his greatest blunder…he had initially thought the universe to be static and then discovered it was dynamic and expanding at an ever increasing rate…the expansion of universe is accelerating.  However, he failed to point out that his constant c could not possibly remain static in a dynamic universe.

So here we are today with our modern science quite convinced that the value of c remains constant over the course of many billions of years which is quite an assumption.  This in turn provides a virtual brick wall to further progress in attempting to comprehend the dynamic nature of universe.

Nonetheless Einstein did suggest something completely different…he suggested time to be different for every system in motion, that is every system of universe in motion.  It would seem very few appreciated his attempt at correcting his own errors and as a consequence his suggestion remains a total mystery to most.  Actually it’s not all that difficult to understand what he was attempting to convey so I think it’s fair to suggest his revolutionary suggestion was rocking the boat and making waves.

So what was he talking about?  He was stating something incredibly important…each system of universe, both micro and macro, represents a unified field system whereby a different condition of universe remains relative to each and every system in motion.

Consequently this provides an extremely radical advance in our attempt to comprehend the relative dynamics of time and space.

If we perceive time being different for every system of universe we must also consider that both past and future conditions of universe exist simultaneously and due to the non-absolute nature of time we have no manner by which to know if we ourselves exist in the past or the future despite the fact that we will always perceive ourselves existing in the present.

Take this one step further and you might question the validity of a year, a decade, a century or even a light year…a simultaneous universe does not correspond to our basic evaluation of time…not even close.

Another gem Einstein attempted to convey was the idea that gravity might not itself be an actual force of any kind but could simply be the effect of an underlying force which had yet to be discovered.  This of course would explain why it should be so difficult to control gravity as gravity cannot be manipulated in a controlled manner directly but only through the manipulation of this underlying force of which gravity is simply a dynamic effect.

Einstein might have been wrong about his initial concept of universe but he more than made up for it by making some astounding suggestions which have yet to be fully appreciated.

So let’s go one step further and consider the speed of light…is it possible to actually measure the speed of light or are we kidding ourselves into believing we can?  We measure the speed of light using a clock and a metre rule…how quaint…much like a fast train, a race car or a race horse.

We employ static terms of reference to define the speed of light and assume the calculations provide us with a well defined constant value.  So I have to ask what we might be thinking to make such a blunder or have we even considered the possibility…does light itself actually have a speed?  If light like gravity is simply a dynamic effect of an underlying force it would be impossible for light to be in motion in the manner of a fast train, a race car or even a speeding bullet.  It would be impossible for light to be in motion independent of the space and time in which it is found to exist…in other words light does not itself travel from there to here or from here to there.  Light is bound by the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference and at the present moment our system of reference is planet Earth…light is not restricted by a speed limit…it’s instantaneous.  The light of distant galaxies does not take so many light years to reach us…what you see is what you get in terms of both past and future conditions of all other systems remaining relative to our system of reference.

Light speed is not a restriction associated with our desire to explore space…it’s a simultaneous universe and the answer to space travel is not bigger rockets or any other form of propulsion…the answer is instantaneous transformation, which is itself the manipulation of time and space.