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Feel Like Pushing For Gravity Control?

Yeah, feel like pushing for gravity control? Great! Some might like to hear this while you’re doin’ it.


Max Keiser is a most entertaining entrepreneur. He and host and wife, Stacy Herbert, are a great balance. He goes nuts she chuckles then carries on with the essence of their topic. They make tragedy comical, live on RT. They speak of world finance and where it’s at and while the people may feel dumbed […]

Townsend Brown: Electrogravitic Pioneer

I’ve just received an email from Stan Deyo which says this: “I have just finished preparing the Bahnson Co, lab footage (71 minutes of it) in high-res (720×480 at 1.91Gb) format in date order to be put on a flash drive along with over 300 pages of notes from the lab when TT Brown was […]

82 ‘Known’ Aliens

As you watch this video you begin to wonder, who wrote this? Also, as they lay out more than 82 aliens on earth, you can’t help but begin to think, this is a tutorial for a video game. Maybe it is. I liked video games like space invaders and galaxian, but I recall an epiphany, […]

From Royalty Of The World, Agenda 21

From Ted Turner to generations of royalty, comes a feeling that our planet is overpopulated. And so, comes an idea of depopulation, so that these so-called elite can enjoy a global paradise. Truly, the thinking of humans span good and bad. One thought is to save everyone. The other thought is to simply cull the […]

Death Ray Tunguska Tesla

I have never seen a documentary on Tesla that mentioned his death ray experiment in relation to what happened in Tunguska. Records show Tesla in Siberia at exactly the same time of the Tunguska incident. They suggested that the explosion was caused by an asteroid, a comet, ufo, but never that experiment with the Tesla […]

Einstein Was Wrong

When Einstein realized his initial perception of universe was wrong he referred to it as his greatest blunder…he had initially thought the universe to be static and then discovered it was dynamic and expanding at an ever increasing rate…the expansion of universe is accelerating.  However, he failed to point out that his constant c could […]

Schauberger’s Implosion

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