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82 ‘Known’ Aliens

As you watch this video you begin to wonder,
who wrote this?
Also, as they lay out more than 82 aliens on earth, you can’t help but begin to think, this is a tutorial for a video game.
Maybe it is.
I liked video games like space invaders and galaxian, but I recall an epiphany, where I saw enthusiasts mastering their games, that these video games people were really recruits for the real thing.

Whether you wonder whether this video is fiction or fact, we still must ask,
isn’t this more of a parable
than an actual historical document?
And really, what is that.

My reason of suspicion is twofold.
One, I believe that a talented writer has collected the old stories and has ‘enriched’ them in a new story.
Two, the narrative continuously points to itself and the narrator’s syntax that, to me, makes me think that this documentary on aliens is being narrated by an alien, or at least we’re supposed to get that thought.

Despite the above, the narrative rings true, perhaps beyond my critique.

Whatever’s true, this is a powerful doco.