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The Truth About Gravity

Gravity is one of those things we take for granted, but don’t know much about….not even what it is. We consider gravity a weak force,  but gravity is not a force, not even a weak one.  No, gravity is not itself a force of any kind, but simply a dynamic response to an underlying force […]

Atomic Construction Yields Better Battery

Devices from electric cars to laptops could benefit from a new kind of capacitor, which combines the best features of conventional devices to store a large quantity of charge and release it rapidly. Breakthrough Battery (capacitor)

Eric Laithwaite

Rare footage on Eric Laithwaite and his fascination with gyros and magnets, inventor of the maglev train. Eric the Heretic

Unity – Chapter 12

Another snippet from the pen of W. David Barclay: The basic idea of a quantum computer is to facilitate unlimited storage capacity, whereby  any number of existing files could be simultaneously accessed.  In other words a quantum  computer could store all the information in the universe and provide instant access to any  of the stored […]

Unity – The Introduction

In the near two years plus fifty that it took David Barclay to assemble the seventeen chapters of Unity, although he did write an introduction, he revised it when he finished the book.  Here now, is the introduction to the theory of Unity: Ever since Newton formulated his gravitational theory we have accepted the simple […]

Unity – Chapter 8

Another slice of Unity by W. David Barclay. The only reason that space and motion exist, in relation to the various points and or systems of reference, is due to the non- absolute nature of universe. The same underlying principles which determine the relative spacing and motion of the planets, moons and sun constituting our […]

Antigravity Suit

Antigravity suits may be a thing if the future. While it would be cool to have the Iron Man suit (see suit assembly video below) there just might be something to the idea of real antigravity suits, not unlike George Jetson. Exoskeleton antigravity suits have been talked about for decades and could very well become a reality, […]

Professor with new spin on teaching Physics

An interesting article about an MIT professor named Walter Lewin which has an interesting way of showing his students the beauty of science (with video). article…