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If I Can Do This….

….we can do gravity control. Check the ending to this film. What do you think is really happening ?

Royal Raymond Rife Revisited

Never before have I ever produced a headline of four words and four r’s. This is the famous Royal Raymond Rife documentary. In nine parts. Between Rife and Tesla we might have done better in another time line. Can we balance our people and maybe Hollywood to tone things down. No more news. People are […]

Magnet Fan

“Engineers of Hitachi Magnetics Corp. of California have stated that a motor-generator run solely by magnets is feasible and logical but the politics of the matter make it impossible for them to pursue developing a magnet motor or any device that would compete with the energy cartels.” Despite the above undated statement many have been […]

7 Cool Electric Cars

Not all electric cars have to be ugly little boxes. I can almost hear the sigh of relief. The increase in interest from auto makers suggests the majority of us will be driving one in the next 5 to 10 years. And as electric cars become more mainstream, like most technology, costs will go down […]

Fraud Or Fab

At least Searl had people building models.  Otis T. Carr demonstrated his flying saucer by showing a cardboard model.  But he seemed to have more science going on in that Otis Carr had schematics that smack of Unity. This is Jerry Decker’s account written by his own hand and the dates go back to his […]

It’s The Sun

the sun is heating up October 24th was the International Day of Climate Action.  Many activities were planned and carried out.  It is certainly a good thing that humans are trying to clear the air. But the greenhouse effect involving trapped gases and the heating of the planet is a relatively small part of it. […]

Man on the Moon & Aliens

Buzz Aldrin has said many things, including, we’re not first somebody else is already here’.  Indicating, at least in his mind, he was on the moon.  Yet now he can’t remember.  A difficult figure to figure out. Meanwhile, here’s a slice of astronaut, Ed Mitchell, where the moon is a given and he speaks of […]

Earth Day

Earth Day is here! Time to check the gravity.  Still the same?  Not so sure?  Don’t worry, there is no gravity.  The earth sucks.  Joking!  Although there is argument whether the planet pulls us down to the surface or whether it’s a push from somewhere else. Earth Day.  A day to celebrate the earth our […]