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From Royalty Of The World, Agenda 21

From Ted Turner to generations of royalty, comes a feeling that our planet is overpopulated.
And so, comes an idea of depopulation, so that these so-called elite can enjoy a global paradise.

Truly, the thinking of humans span good and bad.
One thought is to save everyone.
The other thought is to simply cull the eaters of no value.
Assuming they are of no value.

This is so evil when you apply Pavlovian methods.

After watching the following video, you may think your own thoughts.

My impression in a nutshell is that we are as a planet, questioning our governments.

Our governments are supposedly superior to us common folks.
But a democratic government says, government serves the people, not themselves.
Yet some people remain in government by way of election for their whole lives.

I believe a new form of government would serve the people in ways of support for new ideas, new forward and positive thinking based on positiveness.

The new world order is to make all people same similar or less.

No independent thought.
No independent anything.
Only the collective.

The difference between this and bees, ants and termites, is basically, there is no independent thought.

Personally, I praise and uphold independent thought.

Independent thought separates humans from what we know about the other species on this planet.
But humans do a non independent of thought as well. Dictators, some guy thinks he has the power of his nation and maybe the world.

It’s always wrong.