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Townsend Brown: Electrogravitic Pioneer

Ttbrown Lab Book1 Sample

I’ve just received an email from Stan Deyo which says this:
“I have just finished preparing the Bahnson Co, lab footage (71 minutes of it) in high-res (720×480 at 1.91Gb) format in date order to be put on a flash drive along with over 300 pages of notes from the lab when TT Brown was there in 1957-early 1959. I am trying to get an idea of how many I need to make so if you are interested please let me know. I think the cost will be about $35 for a small run.

I got the photocopies of the lab notes from J. Frank King personally before he died.

The film clips I got from the Bahnson Brothers and I paid US$1200 to have them assembled in a fluid gate 16mm copy which i then had transferred digitally and than had a friend edit them together in date order to match the notebooks.”

This is a plug for Stan Deyo and all fans of Thomas Townsend Brown.
Stan’s very reasonable price of $39 for a copy of The TT Brown Project includes a 71 minute video and over 300 pages of lab notes.

To secure your copy of The TT Brown Project simply email Stan at