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The Sun, Earth, Moon (solar activity)

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The sun exists relative to the earth and of course the earth exists relative to the sun, but the relative relationship existing between the sun and the earth and the earth and the sun are two different things, a critical point which our modern science tends to ignore.

Then we have the moon which adds a third factor to the mix whereby we have twelve different relative conditions to consider in our attempt to understand the various effects each one has on the other two.

To consider the activity involved in the solar cycle culminating in 2012 and or 2013 we must understand the relationship of the sun to the earth and the earth to the sun.

In terms of time field frequency acceleration the earth has a much lower rate of acceleration than the sun, therefore the sun existing relative to the earth must be viewed as a historical aspect of the sun’s continuance.

This becomes apparent in respect to our historical testing of nuclear weapons as early as 1945.  For all intents and purposes our nuclear testing appeared to have no effect upon either the sun or the moon so we assumed all was well and continued testing.  However we did not consider the field frequency acceleration differential existing between the sun and the earh or the field frequency acceleration differential existing between the moon and the earth.

What does this mean to us today?

It means we have yet to experience the effects our nuclear testing has had on the sun and moon due to field frequency differentials, which can be also referred to as time/line differentials.

To understand this more clearly you might read the book Unity which is available as a free down load on this web site.

The full impact of our nuclear testing has yet to manifest in a manner affecting our present condition as the effect of a nuclear detonation is simultaneous regardless of the distance involved, which allows such an effect to cross time/line boundaries.

This of course provides us with a false sense of safety in respect to our nuclear agenda,  as we have assumed there to be no significant consequences associated with our neighboring sun and moon.  This however is far from the truth due to our lack of understanding and comprehension of time/line differentials.

It would appear there are indeed significant consequences, a moot point we have yet to fully appreciate.