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I have to wonder at the horror of it all…turning entire countries into rubble. Some rather demented soul claims it is a humanitarian mission intent on bringing democracy to foreign nations whether they want it or not…the idea of bombs raining down on the people is extremely difficult to perceive as a humanitarian mission…there is […]

A Recent Email

Letters, we get letters. Here’s one: Hi Anish, All I can tell you is, when you create a field within a field you must be in the field you’ve created. The up down forward rear motion must be created from the ‘pilot’ inside the field within a field. The above is a representation of a […]

The Quest For Gravity Control

I remember where I was when I thought that the government would save us from combustion self pollution. I was working at CJOR 600 Radio, mostly a talk station. The former news anchor for CBC, Stanley Knowles, was the guest on the Jack Wasserman Show. I was the announcer producer. And as I said, noowww […]

Unity, Theory Of Answer

In 1979 a film was released called UFOs The Secret Evidence. I began watching with my skeptometer on high. As the video unfolded I saw things I know and other stuff I’ve never seen. As a ufo historical document this film has won many awards. I agree. This is the summation of modern day ufology. […]

Gravity Control By Bradley

Bradley Taylor says he loves cars. Me too. Bradley Taylor, our current guest writer. Thank you, Bradley. Project Unity Project Unity is an initiative that is looking into the prospect of gravity control in order to create a fuel free energy system. Project Unity is looking into developing a tool known as the Field Frequency […]

George Carlin

When you know how George Carlin worked so hard on timing and technique, you realize that he is reciting an article he wrote by incredible memory. George Carlin, a great performer of his own work.

Higgs boson…Smashing!

Scientists say; the Higgs boson could make light-speed travel possible…but on a more serious note de Roeck is reported to have said, “What’s really important for the Higgs is that it explains how the world could be the way it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang.” Banging seems to […]

The Kalahari Crash

The Kalahari Crash? Never heard of it. But here it is, an incident and viewpoint from Africa. [embedded content]