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I have to wonder at the horror of it all…turning entire countries into rubble.

Some rather demented soul claims it is a humanitarian mission intent on bringing democracy to foreign nations whether they want it or not…the idea of bombs raining down on the people is extremely difficult to perceive as a humanitarian mission…there is nothing humanitarian about it.

This whole business of war and more war is insane at best as it benefits no one…it is a horrific attack on our basic humanity.

Even hospitals are not immune from intentional destruction…doctors and patients wasted for what?

Our world leaders could stop the horror today if they wanted to risk it all and bring a little sanity into play…to find it in their conscious mind to show a little ethical backbone and realize the futility of war.

How about a little peace for a change…how about a little human dignity…show a little compassion and empathy for the people of the world…we’re all people, each and every one of us.