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The Quest For Gravity Control

I remember where I was when I thought that the government would save us from combustion self pollution. I was working at CJOR 600 Radio, mostly a talk station.
The former news anchor for CBC, Stanley Knowles, was the guest on the Jack Wasserman Show. I was the announcer producer. And as I said, noowww heere’s Jaack Wasserrrmannnn (actually I never said it like that), the aircon people turned on the radio station’s first air conditioner ever and blew thirty years of dust into the studio. I switched on the mic and all I heard was coughing (and Stanley Knowels was there to promote his film against pollution). Suddenly the control room went black, I gagged and had to get out of there. It was 1968 and I thought, despite this setback, the government of the people will reveal gravity control and save the world.

Cut to more recent times. The internet. I thought, my burning desire for gravity control might be solved. Two weeks, max.
From then to now I’ve learned more.
I’ve learned that despite my intense desire to invent gravity control, it won’t likely be me who does so.
Perhaps it will be a student of W. David Barclay’s book, Unity.
Whether W. Dave’s book or something else, I know there is someone out there who is capable of making it happen.

I also discovered that controlling forces are keeping too many secrets for security reasons and suppressing entrepreneurship.

We live in another day just before the dawn.
As the sun tips the horizon it’s a new day.

The Quest For Gravity Control continues….

The reason of course new ideas are suppressed is oil but even oil should know we are moving to non combustion and help us get there.