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Letters, we get letters. Here’s one:

Hi Anish,

All I can tell you is, when you create a field within a field you must be in the field you’ve created.
The up down forward rear motion must be created from the ‘pilot’ inside the field within a field.

The above is a representation of a single disc on a hydraulic arm that swings 180 degrees.
Consider four tiers of these discs each tier consisting of many of these discs in a reverse cone configuration.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

The idea of creating a field within a field is to focus to the centre of the earth with the tiered magnets.
Once achieved you are then in your own field within the field of the earth and universe which allows instantaneous interstellar travel.

Hope that helps, Anish.

Best of luck,

On 6 Sep, 2015, at 2:18 pm, Anish Kumar wrote:

A message from…my opinion is that…..if a strong electromagnetic force is applied at a specific point and then a force of negative energy or a negative DC or AC power is focused to the specific point of electromagnetic force, it can make the object levitate that which is projecting the electomagnetic force by repelling it or it can be said as the force is apposed by the negative charge… doubt is that how to navigate the levitating object without using the external track to navigate them, as people do in electromagnetic train…please help me to complete my project by clarifying my doubt.