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A Serious Challenge To Greens

I find it almost absurd that many greens are against new energy, when the concept of new energy is to provide green alternatives to big oil and nuclear fuel. There is a psychological block in the way of progress, which might have something to do with conformity and the opinion of the majority. Therefore education […]

UFOs & Flying Saucers

It seems almost unbelievable that there are still people attempting to debunk UFOs. At the same time there is a wealth of disinformation being peddled concerning UFOs and UFO abductions. And of course this is a very profitable business for some of the big names in the UFO field. Then there are those who want […]

New Energy Going Green

Hi there, I’m the guy who wrote the book Unity. When I wrote Unity I had the new energy crowd in mind, as well as the various space agencies of the world, because you may have missed something very important. Yes, I know its a bit boring and seems almost like preschool to many of […]

Look up to the Heavens… online

An interesting new toy called Google Sky