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Gravity Control By Bradley

Bradley Taylor says he loves cars. Me too.

Bradley Taylor, our current guest writer. Thank you, Bradley.

Project Unity

Project Unity is an initiative that is looking into the prospect of gravity control in order to create a fuel free energy system.

Project Unity is looking into developing a tool known as the Field Frequency Modulator. This will be used to create a field frequency which works with the field frequency of the Earth, in order to create an electrical charge. This charge will be then transported to local power generators and grids.

The system looks to take advantage of something known as anti-gravity, with hopes of one day creating a propulsion system that does not require fuel. This is opposed to the current rocket systems of today that are heavily reliant on the use combustion energy in order to develop the momentum needed to transport themselves to another location.

It is hoped that newer propulsion systems will take advantage of the anti-gravity systems that Project Unity looks to achieve, making long distance travel more of a reality with destinations such as Mars becoming increasingly reachable. Should the methods mentioned by Project Unity be used as an option for producing the energy needed it is hoped that such systems will also make space travel safer, as there is less risk associated with an FFM system than combustion.

The system is very clean and requires no fuel. This means electricity can be generated with the help of an FFM without the need to produce any dangerous emissions as a by-product. In addition to this, the system will be able to produce a continuous supply of electricity, as it is reliant on the Earth’s field frequency, something that will last as long as the Earth does.

The hope is that because an FFM modulator is so efficient and does not require the addition of any fuel in order to keep it running, that it can be used to supply electricity to impoverished areas of the world. This will mean that areas which currently do not have electricity because of costs associated with raw materials, will now have an alternative thanks to FFM modulators.

FFM modulators seem like the next obvious step in the development of energy, since oil supplies are falling and the environment is being damaged by the current ways in which energy is produced. It is hoped that FFM modulators will help to reduce our current dependence on such sources of energy, providing the human race with options that are less destructive.

An FFM modulator will make use of Magnetic discs in order to produce the field frequency needed. These discs will be mounted on control arms, where they will be moved up and down in the required motion.

FFM modulators differ from existing experimental systems, simply because of the fact that they’re able to provide a much more controlled modulation of the field of energy. This will produce better results when attempting to produce energy from field frequencies.

Though the system is still in development, it remains a promising option for future energy generation. Project Unity will potentially provide one of the first ways to generate energy without the need for any sort of fuel, even water.

Author biography – Bradley Taylor is a freelance writer from Derby who writes across a wide range of subjects and particularly loves writing about everything automotive. He loves travelling and new experiences. You can find him on Bradley On Twitter and Bradley Blog