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Ed Fouche

I apologize for the remark previous now erased. Not in vain. We honor and salute you Ed Fouche. [embedded content]

Where Is The Gold

Remember when the gold standard existed? It said gold is worth thirty-five US dollars an ounce. It was a time when currencies said, payable to the bearer on demand in gold or silver. This same money today doesn’t say that. I checked. Two stories about gold. Number One. All the gold in Fort Knox was […]

Interview With Graham Hancock

This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot with a hundred minutes with Graham Hancock. Although the initial conversation is about Fingerprints of The Gods, the essence of this conversation is consciousness.  Which leads back to before our consideration of history.

Gravitational Acceleration (Free Fall)

If you drop a ball-bearing and a cannon ball out of an airplane they will both fall at the same rate of acceleration, which means the mass of the body in free fall does not determine the rate of acceleration. Interesting situation, so what exactly determines the rate of gravitational acceleration? It might be helpful […]

Otis T. Carr & George Adamski

Two years ago David Barclay said, there seems to be a connection between the Utron and Unity.  It was Otis T. Carr who in the 50’s proposed to build a craft that appeared to work on the basis of  gravity control.  His lab was shut down by a whole team of guys in black suits […]

The Magnet Motor – beyond hybrid, hydrogen & battery electric

The magnet motor is the invention of Charles Watson.  It doesn’t run on gasoline or require a large pack of batteries.  It runs on magnets.  If scaled up it could replace all combustion engines. This is a patented device and it is running now.  It requires a 12 volt battery to run the magnet motor […]

When the Moon Hits the Sky….

To continue on one of the worst songs ever written, When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s amoray…. This link leads to a photo of the earth during a total eclipse.  Note that the moon does not shadow the entire earth, only a certain small area but the shadow travels […]

UFO’s On Larry King Live

The first time I heard Larry King was on a radio feed in 1995 where OJ called in and vowed to dedicate his life to pursuing the real killer.  I was impressed with the guests Larry would get and became a fan.In all of that time up until recently, I never saw a show on […]