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Where Is The Gold

Remember when the gold standard existed? It said gold is worth thirty-five US dollars an ounce.
It was a time when currencies said, payable to the bearer on demand in gold or silver. This same money today doesn’t say that. I checked.

Two stories about gold. Number One. All the gold in Fort Knox was looted a long time ago. Two. The same story is told of British gold having been looted so long ago and nobody knows that the existing bars are tungsten or lead with gold leaf.

Why? Because it would appear that there hasn’t been an audit of gold. Not in fifty years in America according to Ron Paul.

The subject of gold in America is what helps to bring down the current currency.

The whole idea of paper currency was one of trust. That you could exchange the paper for real gold.

Since that is no longer an option it creates this house of cards now falling all around us.

Why the question, is gold real money, has been shut down in the past in America, who knows.

Gold is the real money. Where is it? We would accept gold at
Not that it should get so bad we have to carry around physical gold, saw a guy once with a chunk of gold so big on his necklace if he jogged it would whup up and smack him in the forehead. Maybe that’s why he seemed so smooth, no sudden moves.

No doubt, gold is the means to gravity control. As David said, we can’t build it with our bare hands.