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The Magnet Motor – beyond hybrid, hydrogen & battery electric

The magnet motor is the invention of Charles Watson.  It doesn’t run on gasoline or require a large pack of batteries.  It runs on magnets.  If scaled up it could replace all combustion engines.

This is a patented device and it is running now.  It requires a 12 volt battery to run the magnet motor and the magnet motor recharges the battery so there’s no need for a plugin at night.

The Watson Magnet Motor looks like a clear winner.  But I have just re-watched Who Killed the Electric Car and clearly the bigger clout is with the oil jockeys.  For indeed, why would they shred the EV1 and destroy the plans?  Rather insane other than the view from the oil cartel.  However, there are other companies than Toyota and the big three who might find interest in being first in something.

This is the patented POP model that needs scaling up:

Watson Magnet Motor