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UFO’s On Larry King Live

The first time I heard Larry King was on a radio feed in 1995 where OJ called in and vowed to dedicate his life to pursuing the real killer.  I was impressed with the guests Larry would get and became a fan.In all of that time up until recently, I never saw a show on Larry King Live on ufo’s.  But in the last six weeks or so he’s done three shows on flying saucers.  And each succeeding show had bolder and bolder headlines suggesting that the US appears to be preparing to make some sort of announcement.  First France then England released their ufo docs, and actually Brazil preceded both countries by releasing their ufo documents earlier.I’m not suggesting anything other than ufo shows are good for ratings but it does appear odd that Larry King did nothing on the subject in my 13 years as a viewer of his program (altho he claims to have done many shows on ufo’s on his radio program prior to CNN).   The shows themselves have been of a very low calibre consisting of a couple of guests who believe touting their latest book and a ufo documentary maker pushing his latest film, plus a skeptic.  These programs have begun in a civilized manner and you get the impression that maybe this time we’ll get some real answers.  But, inevitably, and especially with the skeptic in the mix, the programs have burned up a lot of time vacillating between, are they real, no they’re not, yes they are, all the time we have, goodnight.  These have been programs of questions and no answers as have so many ufo documentaries before.Larry King’s last ufo program just a few days ago was the best of a bad three.  What made it good was Seth Shostak from SETI (search for et intelligence) who rose above the bickering and started to do an act about abductions, dental work and anal probing, none of which he said but did say that there were lots of abduction stories about inappropriate things taking place on a first date.  He was sharp and funny.  And a professional et searcher.The problem of course is that we’re simply rehashing 60 year old Roswell stuff about lights in the sky and the program does NOT ask, how do they work? If the media could just get excited about how gravity control works there could easily be a mounting force to persuade more openness.First he presents the current fate of the airline industry.  Then he does a third ufo show.  So hats off to Larry King for making it globally okay to ask the questions, how do they work, and, can I have a ride?