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Otis T. Carr & George Adamski

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Two years ago David Barclay said, there seems to be a connection between the Utron and Unity.  It was Otis T. Carr who in the 50’s proposed to build a craft that appeared to work on the basis of  gravity control.  His lab was shut down by a whole team of guys in black suits and one of them was heard to say, we have to shut you down because you could destroy the US money system.

George Adamski wrote Flying Saucers Have Landed and other books of the same ilk.  He excited the generation of the forties into believing there were people not of this earth out there.

Here is one of his detractors

And here is the other side of the Adamski coin.

The above is one of George Adamski’s books.

Both these guys were like PT Barnum who said, there’s a sucker born every minute.

And yet, in the case of Otis T Carr, he was shut down by the ’shadow’ government because if left unchecked he would ‘destroy the US monetary system’.  The Big Three were then in control and for half a century there were stories of those going up against the combustion engine meeting dire consequences – the stories continue to this day.

George Adamski was a showman who produced questionable photographs but both these gentlemen were a part of the forties and fifties that helped shape our opinions today.

Frauds or phenomena, these were two of many who represented the thinking of the time to ask, how do they work?

Today, many ask how the essence of this ‘modern myth’ might work.  In America, these people who ask and produce patentable hardware are met with opposition to the question and told they shouldn’t ask.  As if they are saying, all will be revealed in due time but don’t question and don’t ask about this subject or you will surely be shut down.

Meanwhile, the Big Three have been told by the public that they missed the boat.

With the Watson Magnet Motor and ultimately, Unity, the question is, should we tell the big three that there are new technologies on the horizon?  Or should we and could we bypass big industry and create the new paradigm ourselves?  Personally, I don’t think the combustion industry deserves to be part of the new age, based on how they treated people with alternate technology in the past.

Otis T. Carr and George Adamski.  One or both may have been frauds but they excited the populace into at least thinking there’s probably a better way than this polluter we ended up choosing to run the world.

Certainly needs updating.  And now that we’ve got it figured out we have opposition from the economy based on oil.  Their job is to continue and suppress.

Our job is to persevere.  Ours is the generation that will be judged in overcoming what is obviously a blocking of progress.  This will be shameful in generations to come who will find it amazing there might have been such a fight over something so obvious.  Like back in the day of the electric and steam car.  People discovered quickly that the emissions were bad.  But oil was cheap and there was a lot of it.  The investment was already so strong that they simply squashed the opposition.  And they’ve been doing it ever since.

But now, we have a window of opportunity.  Things are so bad they are saying, well, hey, what about this magnet motor, and hey, this thing called Unity.

Even though to straight business, gravity control has not been a hot investment, we are now looking at a two step procedure.  The Watson Magnet Motor can cure the world of combustion.  And Unity is the rest.

Both are cheap and wise.

But it destroys a life style and people suffer in the interim.

I know that in the future there will simply be more problems.  But our problems now are pandemic and need our help to continue with the quest for gravity control.

First, the magnet motor, to run our cars, power plants and the rest of industry without coal or nuclear.  The all electric world without emissions.

Unity is the ultimate.  As we build the unity device, realize that this is the ultimate of our scientific achievement.  Like the computer and the internet, there’s not much you can’t do with the Unity process.  Except of course it’s not virtual it’s real.

Thank you Otis and George and many others for helping to make the dream a reality.