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Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

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This may not be gravity control per se but it’s good theatre.

Actually, more than good theatre the above is quite up to date as of this writing and represents a cross-section of the latest events. Paul Hellyer has yet to get back to us at gravity control. He’s busy out there pitching and circuiting the media. No one has asked him, have you ever met an alien? Wilburt Smith, the head of Project Magnet in the fifties talked of aliens as if they were drinking buddies. He got shut down. In the links above you’ll find that the media in America regards Mr Hellyer as having just returned from Kookland. Perhaps he should go to Brazil where the air force has just admitted ufo’s and wants to know more.

If there is a 58 year old secret about the first in modern times landing and crashing of an alien craft then that secret is on a par with the Manhattan project and area 51. Although ufo’s are a modern myth that still needs proving, the ridiculing of the subject in America has divided the nation as if it were an unpopular war. The disbelievers, and believe me it’s easier to be a disbeliever, and the believers. The believers are weird. They think it’s a space religion. But to bring this to a point, there are the believers of gravity control and its success. If the aliens are there, we could skip all this moonstation galactic war crap, they could give us the secret of their propulsion system and we would be so grateful, especially that they didn’t just cinder us, that peace would be forced to reign over our small planet. Come on, Guys.