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Nikola Tesla died before he could give the world his knowledge of gravity control. It was wartime 1943 and the FBI was seizing everything Tesla-related because they believed that his cousin was a spy.

Although Nikola Tesla gave the world electricity and the flourescent light, among other things, he was discredited in later life by Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and J. P.Morgan. These ‘great men’ used Tesla to attain their own notoriety but paid him very little. Most of his patents are owned by GE and Westinghouse, some of which they don’t know what to do with. But it was J. P. Morgan who saw that if Tesla was right about his idea of free energy to the world, the American electric companies would be out of business.

So he hedged his bets by giving Tesla just enough money for research not to achieve his goal, thus saving GE and Westinghouse from certain demise. This, based on Tesla patents bartered by him to them so they would pay for his research. Edison, Westinghouse and Morgan wanted Tesla to fail so that they could maintain the status quo of supplying the public with electric power.

These men are the reason why we are not blessed with free power from the aether and the knowledge of gravity control. But perhaps you can’t blame them for thinking, if it ain’t broke why fix it? Maybe you can say, these men already felt like pioneers and not only didn’t understand Tesla’s idea of free energy, but feared it. Kind of like Jesus and Joan of Arc. They didn’t put Tesla on the cross or build a funeral pyre beneath his feet but they did the world an injustice by subverting the one man who could lift us from our dependence on pollution for power.

Tesla believed we could tap the aether for power and with that power drive gravity control. From Albert Einstein to Richard P. Feynman, there is a school of thought that suggests gravity travels at the speed of light. There is another school of opinion to suggest that if you could travel by gravity control, it would be a lot faster than the speed of light, more like the blink of an eye to anywhere in the universe.

On one note it doesn’t matter whether gravity travels at the speed of light or many times faster. If we could control it, it would leap us forward to a place beyond fizzled rockets. We are not there because of certain influential decisions made by men of importance at a time that was already a pioneering era of electricity and radio (another Tesla invention but credited to Marconi, they checked the patents, Tesla’s were registered first).

And indeed, we are living in the most fabulous time of any on recorded earth. But if Tesla was right, we should have done better. And we will.

It’s just going to take a little longer because of certain errored executive decisions of the past.

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