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The Tesla Roadster

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Does anyone know Elon Musk’s phone number?

Here at gravity we have two things available to this amazing entrepreneur.

First, the Watson Magnetic Motor that limits the Tesla range to the life of the battery or mechanical failure which should work out to about two or more years before some kind of breakdown. Thus, solving the range problem.

Second, and ultimately, gravity control. Which equalizes the power to our global community while at the same time creates new vistas, some never even thought before.

This vintage video of Elon Musk with David Letterman (with laryngitis) shows how you can make a beautiful product based on the EV1 and electric Rav4. The movie, Who Killed The Electric Car, asked who. Not why.
Now the Tesla Roadster is in trouble? Why?


Isn’t almost everyone not associated with an oil company embracing the electric car.