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Gravity Control Free Energy Forum Down

Down again. Whosoever wants to make gravity control and free energy fail….well, you think it might have something to do with oil? Ah yes, oil, that which currently runs the world and now with a great boost to rockets and other combustive materials, has run out of gas. Still important to the quest for gravity […]


I’ve been getting this DX link for a while, probably because once I went there and looked around. If you like gadgets maybe they have what you’re looking for. I looked for anything something to do with gravity control and found interesting magnets. For those who like gadgets, a free plug. Gadgets Cuz they have […]

Lucid Dreaming

That moment between sleep and awake. A moment. Look up The Phase. Lucid dreaming basically means you know you are dreaming. And during that dream, because you know you are dreaming, You discover that you can manipulate that dream. We are vibrations. Frequencies. the universe is a symphony The Universe Is A Symphony Frequencies respond […]

The News

As America slides into whatever, here’s a snapshot from With all this secret stuff and all these diversions, we must ask, when will the military industrial complex conclude that the people need to know all that secret stuff to continue to excel because to continue the secrecy of world changing information will only continue […]

Search For Element 115, 116

This video is years old and where now is Bob Lazar. Thee crafter of element 115. Yet, whether it’s element 115 or W. David Barclay’s theory of how we move forward, everyone is welcome to try. This video is Disneyesque, if that’s a word. We are led by the nose to discover gravity control, only […]

The First Four Years

This is a rare Jon Stewart Piece. I recall Alex Jones attacking Jon Stewart and don’t remember why. I have a feeling that feelings would change if Alex were privy to this clip. Obama, the first four years, by Jon Stewart

Tesla Not Forgotten

For those who don’t know who Tesla is, perhaps the greatest inventor of our age, here is a Tesla documentary, clean and simple, who he was, what he did. [embedded content]