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As America slides into whatever, here’s a snapshot from

With all this secret stuff and all these diversions, we must ask, when will the military industrial complex conclude that the people need to know all that secret stuff to continue to excel because to continue the secrecy of world changing information will only continue to create more turmoil.

The News

A small snapshot showing why we can’t achieve gravity control, at the moment.
Instead of drawing people to focus on gravity control we are diverted by the media to deal with subplots that have nothing to do with the big picture.

It’s true that more than ninety percent of everyone don’t give attention to gravity control. That figure is generous. It’s more like 99.9% of people could give a crap about the quest for gravity control.
We sadly, over time, also learned that the MIC (military industrial complex, the fascist corporate government now in place) does not want us to promote our vision beyond combustion.

They want to keep us back at lights in the skies while we want to move to humanity’s next phase,
the electromagnetic age.
There is no malice to oil which got us this far. It’s just time to go beyond leapfrogging combustion one more time. And on to the magnet motor, and finally, gravity control.