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Coast to Coast with Dr. David Anderson

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A four hour show on time control technology, which was and is extremely interesting, but not quite what I expected.  So on one hand I was a bit disappointed, yet on the other hand I was excited to hear Dr. Anderson talking about the control of time.

Yes, he can manipulate time in what he claims to be a controlled manner, but he does not appear to understand the principles involved in respect to the dynamic nature of time itself.

Time is a flow of energy, where a slowing of time’s acceleration reduces the available energy and an increase in time’s acceleration increases the available energy relative to the system being controlled.

It would appear Dr. Anderson has not quite got the basic idea nailed down as he makes reference to a space time warp, which suggests a distortional effect.  But this is not time control in the sense of that which is being suggested, keeping in mind that he assures Art Bell and the listening audience that he has developed time control technology just as some suggest having developed gravity control technology, but it is not that.

I suppose this is along the line of the idea; if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it must be a duck.

In my view this is a case of the scientist getting a little bit out of touch with the natural world around them, as nature provides many examples of time field differentials.  Such an example is the accelerated growth of plants grown deep underground in horticultural nurseries where a 300 & 400% increase in the rate of growth has been documented, plus an increase in resistance to various plant diseases once transplanted to surface sites.

In this example there is no distortional effect but a uniform increase in the rate of growth due to an increase in the acceleration of time itself.

Again it is necessary to emphasize the non-linear nature of time and the need to re-evaluate the existing concept of a space/time continuum, which is generally viewed in terms of a linear relationship.  If we are to move forward it is critical to have the basic principles clearly fixed in our minds otherwise we are placing ourselves at a distinct disadvantage.

Here at GC the Gwandau team are attempting to develop a method by which to measure the acceleration of time and the inherent increase in energy associated with that acceleration.  Not an easy task, but one worth pursuing.

We also have the book Unity which explains the basic principles involved in the context of a time field continuance.

I wish Dr. Anderson all the best with his research and remain ever hopeful that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.