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Ultimate False Flag

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For those who believe that 9/11 was a false flag incident, you’ll love this.

There’s talk of a government plan to falsely change religions of the world and at the same time, stage a fake ufo invasion.  This would be done with holographic imagery in the sky and voices in every language seeming to come from inside you, saying, whatever religion you are, that’s great.  But there are certain things that need clarifying.  It’s said that these clarifications would unite the religious in one swell foop and the world would be set straight for the workers to, um, work with more spirit and gusto because the lord was in their heads and straightened out a lot of kinks they had in thinking whose religion is real, whose is best.  Also, how the voices explained away religious differences.  The idea is that it would appear to be a miracle the world over, something all could get behind, something that would help draw humanity together on a scale never before envisaged.

Sounds good but as the story goes, it’s all fake.  No miracle here.  Just neat technology and a political platform designed to unite the troops, like Hitler did when he burned down his own chancellor building and blamed it on the communists.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how, this will be coupled with a fake invasion from outer space.  Invasion of the Terrorist Aliens.  No country, no planet, just terrorists, and aliens.

The question must be asked, who stands to gain from all these shenanigans?

Also, if 9/11 was a false flag, it looks like the same people who’ve dreamed up this one.  They say you couldn’t write this stuff.  But what if somebody is.

And the benefit is for whom?