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The UFO (flying saucer) Connection

Whether it’s casing material from Roswell or the book Unity by W. David Barclay they each have a distinct extraterrestrial flavor.  The casing material came from an extraterrestrial saucer type craft and the book Unity originated from encounters with extraterrestrials, more commonly referred to as ET.

An amazing consideration when the book Unity is viewed from the perspective of having originated from first hand encounters with ET science and technology in the form of personal experiences involving actual demonstrations.

Officially such encounters are denied to have any validity and are in fact denied to be possible due to the limitations of light speed restricting travel from one star system to another.  Fortunately official denial has little influence over the activities ET chooses to engage in.

During the 40s ET offered cooperation through official channels if we would put an end to our nuclear agenda and we chose to say no, we will not surrender our nuclear capabilities.  It would appear we had little idea as to what we were saying no to.

I have posted some of my experiences on the Gravity Control forum under the category of General discussion. where I describe my first hand experiences with technological capabilities which would otherwise be considered science fiction by some and magic by others.

Instantaneous transformation is not impossible but an incredibly practical method of transport, regardless of what or who is to be transported.

Here at Gravity Control we are primarily concerned with gravity control, but gravity control is just the start as once the basic dynamics are understood we can rapidly progress to instantaneous transformation allowing access to any number of time/line differentials (relative states of field).  This would allow us to cross time/line boundaries, whereby we would have access to a vast variety of relative conditions associated with the simultaneous state of both past and future conditions.

At Gravity Control we do not practice secrecy and or deception, it’s open dialogue without restraints in relation to what might be or might not be classified science and technology.  We do not conform our dialogue to accommodate those who wish to keep information secreted away for a rainy day or to benefit only a select few.  Our intent is to share what we have to offer with all people in the hope this will have a beneficial effect and move us forward toward a better world.