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Check out Tom Delonge

I just watched the Joe Rogan Experience with guest, Tom Delonge. It’s a little bit hard to believe this guy at least on one level, where he keeps saying, I can’t tell you or talk about that.  Degrading his credibility as a spokesman for gravity control as well as being a producer, director, writer of […]

UFOs And Gravity Control

I’m a Joe Rogan fan for his incredible ability of understanding and conveying myriad topics in no holds barred full colour conversation.  His podcast may be the most popular in the world today.  They go for as long as three hours or more, no breaks, other than pee breaks and sometimes a moment to spark […]

Experiment: Gravity Control

This is a totally magnetic experiment that, done right, will allow the top to spin for a long time or longer. [embedded content] Charles Watson: I have been working tirelessly on getting the magnets to operate by themselves in a rotary motion. No battery only gravity and axial harmonic motion in a tensor magnetic field. […]

Addendum: Quest For GC

This was deemed a security risk.  No big deal. Feb 16, 2017, holy shit.  So much is happening.  Trump is president.  Ok, yeah, maybe now the suppression ceases, at least a little. As stated in that last date, if you follow these links you’ll know what we know. snd Basically, it’s a compendium […]


Let’s begin with this. Infinite Frequencies The universe is a symphony and everything has its own frequency. Every atom, every thing, every person, we all have our own personal frequency, hard to believe, every thing in this universe has its own frequency? And so does the universe. We live in a frequency world and we […]

Global Warming

Global warming is not the same as climate change and climate change does not refer to global warming unless your intention is to muddy the water and cause confusion in the minds of the many. Global warming is an idea suggesting very strongly that people…us humans…are responsible for global warming according to the great guru […]


Fukushima is the central point in an ongoing saga of global proportions…in short it’s a bloody disaster and a global disaster at that.  Unfortunately too many politicians are clueless when it comes to nuclear power and the inherent dangers involved…if they knew better there never would have been a nuclear industry and we wouldn’t be […]