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Check out Tom Delonge

I just watched the Joe Rogan Experience with guest, Tom Delonge.

It’s a little bit hard to believe this guy at least on one level, where he keeps saying, I can’t tell you or talk about that.  Degrading his credibility as a spokesman for gravity control as well as being a producer, director, writer of the subject, and has somehow with his rock standing has interested generals, scientists, corporations and the military to listen to what he said and didn’t say,
hmm yet….

This is the Joe Rogan podcast I will use when talking to Steve Bucek, ufohunterBC,com

Because, this guy is pumped.  He’s not just speaking in a helium voice quack quack.
He speaks of gravity control and the underlying force and the time aspect of travelling.

When they said we’re a hologram of real life, I thought.

No, that can’t be true for two billion people.  Or is it eight billion.

Here’s Tom Delonge on the latest Joe Rogan podcast.  Joe used to be hook line sinker on flying saucers and aliens.  During this podcast he looks like a skeptic  Receptive but skeptical.

Meanwhile, here’s Joe and Tom and all I can think about is talking to my pal, Steve Bucek, ufohunterbc, and we will.

First this.